Words of Wisdom from the Diesel Doctor

First step in good maintenance? Know how diesel engines work

Diesel engines are the mainstay for both propulsion and generating electricity aboard yachts. Understanding how they work is the first step to knowing how to maintain diesel engines. Comparing the similarities and differences between the operation of a diesel engine Learn more

Do your due diligence before diesel fuel fill-up

Chances are that when a yacht ties up at a fuel dock, the captain asks how much does the diesel cost per gallon, and is there enough fuel to fill the yacht’s fuel tanks. Although these are logical questions to Learn more

Water is diesel fuel’s worst enemy

Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of a diesel engine. If left unmanaged, diesel fuel quality can degrade rather quickly rendering it harmful, rather than helpful to an engine. Understanding the sources and nature of diesel fuel contamination is the first Learn more

Managing diesel engine emission gases complicated

For more than a century, the diesel engine has been the workhorse for many industries around the world powering large trucks, farm tractors, locomotives, construction and mining equipment and vessels of all types. Unfortunately, diesel engine exhaust contains pollutants in Learn more

Worldwide demand remains steady for diesel fuel

Turning petroleum into diesel fuel is called refining. Refining is the process of converting crude oil into high-value products. The most important are transportation fuels: gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel. The products include liquefied petroleum gas, heating fuel, lubricating Learn more

Strict rules on fuel cleanliness mean more work for filters

It is a common belief that the diesel engine fuel filter, installed by the engine manufacturer, will provide the required level of contamination protection to achieve reliable operation. This is a fair and reasonable assumption because the intended purpose of Learn more

Polishing fuel first step to keep maintenance costs at bay

Have you ever heard anyone say this: “We don’t have problems with our fuel because our boat is always moving, and we burn through the diesel in our tanks very quickly.” Learn more

Injector Damage Corrosion Clogs Are Effects Of Poor Quality Fuel

Good housekeeping of diesel fuel requires constant attention to detail to avoid both short-term and long-term engine problems. If a preventive maintenance program for fuel is not begun and followed, the operational and maintenance costs related to the engine will Learn more

Common Rail Engine Delivers Power Less Emissions At A Price

Diesel engines aboard yachts have featured common rail fuel injection since the late 1990s, but common rail engines are not new to marine applications. In Great Britain in 1916, Vickers built a submarine with a common rail diesel engine that Learn more

History Of Diesel From Sperm Whale To Compression Ignition Engine

Rhode Island was a thriving British colony in the mid-1700s, and the hub of its wealth was the city of Newport. It was one of the five largest shipping ports in colonial North America, and Newport was where the merchants Learn more