Mission Critical

Diesel fuel is often the forgotten commodity with regards to diesel engines. It is typically purchased, stored, and used. However very rarely do owners or operators understand how critical the fuel is to the reliable operation of the engine. It is a fact that poorly maintained diesel fuel is directly responsible for greater than 80% of fuel system failures and even higher in new advanced High Pressure Common Rail fuel injection systems.

Mission Critical Diesel Engines need to operate at a moment’s notice and in some applications can literally be the difference between life and death. As such the fuel being stored for use must be maintained in a pristine condition and as close to an “as refined” condition as possible to ensure ultimate reliability.

Diesel fuels by their very nature are unstable organic hydrocarbons, which degrade over time depending on a multitude of factors. As a fuel breaks down over time, gums and insoluble contaminants are formed within the fuel stock. These along with solid particulate and water contribute to the majority of fuel system component wear and failures.

Diesel fuel that is not maintained correctly as close to “as refined” as possible can cause the following common problems:

  • Poor starting or failure to start
  • Low power from the engine
  • Poor or rough idle
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Hunting
  • Increased emissions

Diesel fuel that is maintained in a condition as close to “as refined” as possible will out perform a diesel fuel that is under or poorly maintained. The solution then is simple; employ corrective measures that ensure fuel stability and cleanliness. The solutions include the use of conditioning devices, filtration and separation control systems, breathers, and monitoring devices.