Dialysis Systems for Your Diesel – Because Reliable Fuel Matters

Why Diesel Fuel Needs Optimization

  • Our Environment

    The process of diesel fuel polishing removes harmful contaminants that would end up as dpm (Diesel Particulate Matter) in exhaust smoke.

  • The Bottom Line

    Save thousands on costly fuel and repair costs by having using polished fuel.  Clean fuel reduces PM intervals by requiring less maintenance.

  • Engine Longevity

    Make the most of your investment by making it last.  Clean fuel will ensure engines keep running when they’re needed most.

  • More Power

    Clean fuel ensures your engine runs at peak performance.  Furthermore, adding AFC will aid squeezing more power out of the fuel.

  • Keeping Spec

    Engines and injector OEM’s recommend running ISO 18/16/13 fuel.  Keeping fuel at optimal cleanliness ensures the best for your engine.

  • Ultimate Reliability

    When so much rides on engines running properly and under heavy loads, clean fuel will keep businesses running.

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Meet the Diesel Doctor


Capt. Jeff Werner has been in the yachting industry for almost 25 years, and that has given him plenty of hands on experience with diesel engines on a daily basis. He knows the problems that contaminated fuel can inflict on any diesel engine, and that’s why he started Diesel Doctor in 2006. Jeff is the Diesel Doctor and the guru for understanding and solving diesel fuel problems. Capt. Jeff writes a monthly column about diesel fuel related issues in The Triton, a magazine for professional captains and crew in the marine industry.

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